On 27 September, 2019, the Executive Committee of Instruct-ERIC, confirmed by the GA of 16 October, 2019, decided integration of Robotein® considering that this would be a beneficial addition to its catalogue of services. Instruct-ERIC is a pan-European consortium that aims to provide high-end technologies and methods in the field of structural biology.

On 14 February 2020, the Robotein® facility at the Centre for Protein Engineering (CIP, ULiège) and the Structural Biology and Bioinformatics Centre (SBBC, ULB) was formally launched as an Instruct-ERIC site. A celebration took place at ULiège, in the presence of an Instruct hub delegation and the authorities of both universities.

Robotein® offer automated screening for cloning, mutagenesis, gene expression and colony picking, screening for production of recombinant proteins (selection of the best producers, screening for optimal culture medium, enhanced reproducibility and yield at each purification step), biophysical characterization (e.g. automated screening of refolding conditions and conformational stability measurements, formulation screens, quantitative analysis of hundreds of proteins using infrared spectroscopy), label-free interaction analysis, and enzymatic assays.

Scientists from member countries can get access to Robotein® through Instruct-ERIC. The HT screening approach serves to optimize the labour-intensive downstream steps, i.e. large-scale production and detailed biochemical and biophysical studies.

Visit the Robotein website:

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